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Impressive Start to the Fairgrounds to Future Planning Process!

By 11/13/2017September 24th, 2018No Comments

More than 200 people came to the Coliseum at the Fairgrounds on November 2 to learn more about the Fairgrounds to Future planning process and offer their ideas for the future of the site. “What happens with this project could have an impact on the future of our communities,” said one workshop attendee. At the workshop, participants worked in small groups to share their ideas for the site and brainstorm additional possibilities. Then they voted on their top three priority ideas and discussed why they thought those were the most important. “Lots of great ideas,” said another participant. “[There are] people with a lot of emotional investment in this project who want this to succeed.”

Since the start of the Fairgrounds to Future process, nearly 500 people have shared their ideas at a workshop or online. In addition, 30 stakeholder groups have been interviewed. To date, more than 1,000 thoughts about the future of the fairgrounds have been collected. These ideas will help inform the vision for the site.

If you haven’t had a chance to participate yet, we still want to hear from you. Just visit the input page to contribute your ideas today.

You can check out some of the local media coverage of the event and process at the links below. Thanks to everyone for their participation!