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Fairgrounds to Future Goals

By 11/13/2017September 24th, 2018No Comments

The University of Dayton and Premier Health have drafted a set of overarching goals for the fairgrounds planning process and redevelopment. These goals will serve as a touchstone for more specific work. For the purpose of this work, a goal is defined as a “desired outcome expressed in simple terms.” The goals represent the highest aspirations of the University of Dayton and Premier Health for the planning process and redevelopment.

Process. The desired outcomes…

  1. Interested parties feel they have been heard through the various engagement opportunities.
  2. Facilitation aligns with the values of each institution (mission and identity).
  3. The larger community views the planning effort as a success.
  4. The two institutions—as well as other like-minded organizations—deepen their partnerships through implementation opportunities.

Place. The desired outcomes…

  1. Improvements to the site contribute to and are consistent with the values and missions of the institutions.
  2. Improvements to the site also advance the economic strength of the city and the health of the surrounding neighborhoods.
  3. The site—in its transformation—is authentic and remains a landmark and destination for Dayton.
  4. Businesses and a younger demographic (talent retention) are attracted to this place.
  5. The site is a safe, walkable place (foot traffic), with a mix of uses that is physically connected to adjacent places, including the river, and promotes healthy living.
  6. There is a long-term, forward-oriented approach to development that addresses emerging technology and land needs.

Economics. The desired outcomes…

  1. Development on the site will be supportive and complementary of other community planning and development initiatives.
  2. Residents in the city and surrounding neighborhoods have employment opportunities associated with the construction and final development.
  3. The redevelopment will leverage private and public investments for both this site and the surrounding community.
  4. A long-term leadership and ownership role is of interest to the institutions.