Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Charter

We value the diversity of our community and celebrate our similarities and differences alike as we strive to create a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that represents the best of Dayton. We do this in such a way that encourages all segments of the community to participate in the planning, building and programming of onMain so that what we create here serves as an enduring beacon for diversity, equity and inclusion for all of Dayton and beyond.

The Charter

The onMain charter for diversity, equity and inclusion captures and catalyzes the input we have received from across the community and integrates that input with the shared values of the University of Dayton and Premier Health. It is both a statement of intent and a path we will follow to ensure onMain meets the lofty goals to which we aspire. Most importantly, it is a living document, recognizing progress is not a destination, but a never-ending journey.

The onMain charter for diversity, equity and inclusion is built on five key strategies. We will:

  1. Support opportunities for local businesses owned by underrepresented groups to participate in the development, construction and operations at onMain.
  2. Provide opportunities for people from different incomes, backgrounds and professions to live onMain.
  3. Create an environment at onMain where all people experience a sense of belonging and ownership.
  4. Provide start-up assistance to entrepreneurs, small retail operators, and others beginning consumer-oriented businesses.
  5. Promote onMain as a place that exemplifies a community of inclusiveness.

onMain Accountability

We commit to a culture of accountability and transparency across all aspects of our efforts for onMain, including the diversity, equity and inclusion strategies outlined in this Charter as well as the metric goals that will be developed at a future date.

Specifically, we will provide an Impact Report that tracks our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at least twice per year to both the onMain Board of Directors and the onMain Advisory Committee. These reports will summarize our progress related to each of the five strategies outlined in this plan and any changes or updates required in order to meet our ultimate goal of making onMain a beacon of diversity, equity and inclusivity for all of Dayton and beyond.