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OnMain is a place that embodies the best of Dayton; as we were, as we are today, and as we’ll forever be.

A place where tinkerers will tinker. Inventors will invent. Dreamers will dream. A place where curious and open minds come together to work, live and play. It’s a place that sparks innovation and echoes Dayton’s can-do, creative spirit. A place with a distinctive identity and personality and a vibe that is open, welcoming, and inclusive for everyone. It’s a place where people of all cultures and backgrounds go to learn and discover, to play and relax, to work and to live. To be.

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New & Noteworthy

The design of the Think Dayton Building – the first building to be built at onMain- is underway. The 125,000 square feet building will provide a world-class home for the Digital Transformation Center (DTC), which currently exists as the Seedling on the UD campus. The DTC will offer a dedicated platform where industry, government (US Air Force), academia, and business capital can converge to seamlessly collaborate, brainstorm, innovate, educate, and cooperate to advance digital engineering practices and technology. The DTC will fulfill the mission of onMain—and the innovation hub—to be a place for world class collaboration and innovation.

Actions Underway

The following priorities are being undertaken to realize the action plan.

  • Completing detailed design and engineering of the initial phase of the site
  • Pursuing grant opportunities and investment to facilitate implementation
  • Programming a catalytic building to initiate development
  • Drafting an approach to supplier diversity procurement
  • Implementing a communication plan to inform the community of progress
  • Preparing a Community Involvement Plan to establish opportunities for engagement


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